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Tennis headbands


Browse our range of tennis headbands and pick from stretchy body hugging fabrics to adjustable tie bads in classic clours such as black and white, all featuring the iconic 3-Stripes logo.

Tennis AEROREADY Tieband
Terrex Primeblue Trail Headband

Dynamite comes in small packages with tennis headbands

Imagine you are tied in your final game of a three-day tournament against the only person in the league you have been waiting to smash a victory against, and you miss the final shot because you couldn't see? Freeing yourself from unnecessary distractions, such as hair falling into your face or sweat dripping in your eyes, could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Get your all-important tennis headbands from adidas and play without fear of failure.

Simple headgear for tennis makes all the difference

You could easily forget how important headbands can be, but let us remind you. Comfort and functionality are top priorities for all tennis apparel and headgear for tennis is no exception. For comfort pick from stretchy fabric or bands that have an adjustable tie back. All the headgear in the collection boasts  AEROREADY technologies that's sole function is moisture absorption. While still on the topic of making a difference, all our tennis headbands are made from yarns that contain 50%  Parley Ocean Plastic, collected from our oceans and re-purposed before it damages our planet any further.

Be ready for your next game

Let's be honest, this is one item of tennis gear that can not be overlooked when it comes to keeping it clean. Luckily the product has been created to be part of an effortless washing process. Tennis headbands are machine washable on a cold cycle and do not require dry cleaning. You will not need to tumble dry or iron any item in the tennis headgear range, and will only have to use a mild detergent when washing. To be sure you are caring for your headband correctly to get the best usage out of them, you need to be certain you have an authentic product, so look out for the iconic 3-Stripes logo that not only shows you take your game seriously, but also you have made the right choice.