All-court Tennis Shoes


adidas all-court tennis shoes: adaptable performance for the modern game

Is your footwear is incapable of keeping pace with demands of modern playing surfaces your game suffers, no matter how good you are? Our adidas all-court tennis shoes preview next-gen technologies such as Lightstrike and Boost midsoles to dramatically improve comfort and support. Dynamic Adizero outsoles with heel enhancements and Adituff toe caps effectively stabilise and protect hard-working feet. Our grip design gives them superior traction approaching the net on hard courts and impressive slide capability for saving points on clay and grass. When your game demands footwear that is responsive and adaptable, our all-court tennis trainers give you the edge.

Our all-court tennis trainers offer persuasive advantages and economy

Training the future superstars of the sport today requires them to be proficient on any type of court. adidas stands firm in the belief that our all-court tennis shoes offer more advantages and economy for developing their techniques on hard, grass and clay courts than owning individual footwear for each surface. With our all-court tennis trainers your kids will have on their feet the highest ranked key in determining their future success. Having skill with the racket is one thing, being able to effectively and comfortably cover the court to use it is another.

Vibrant all-court shoes for tennis inject life into your game

Our adidas all-court shoes for tennis are available in vibrant, zesty colours to re-energise your passion for playing and inject some life into your tired game. Sizes for men, women and kids are ideal inspiration for families to play together, thereby promoting a healthier lifestyle in and out of the home. Our use of sustainable materials like Primeblue and other recycled content makes them safe for you, your family and the environment. This way we all emerge winners in life and in sport.