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Women Tennis Black Tennis Primeblue Aeroknit Match SkirtWomen Tennis Black Tennis Primeblue Aeroknit Match Skirt

Tennis Primeblue Aeroknit Match Skirt

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Black tennis skirts

When you’re on the court, it’s often most effective just to keep it simple. Forget the trick shots and focus on a pinpoint service game, solid returns and rallies that push your opponent to the limits. The same goes for your gear, as these black tennis skirts show. Perfect for achieving a low-key look on the court, they make use of the most innovative sportswear technology from adidas to allow you to take your game to the next level. Combining unbeatable support with total freedom of movement, these black tennis skirts won’t let you down – from the hours you spend in training to match point in the tournament final.

Made for court domination

These black tennis skirts are worn by some of the professional game’s biggest stars, so you can be sure that you’re benefitting from the most innovative technology when you step out on to the court. Sweat-wicking fabrics accelerate evaporation to keep you cooler and drier, while built-in shorts or tights with elasticated waistbands allow you to stay fully supported whether you’re hitting a big serve or approaching the net for some close-quarter rallying. Super-soft fabrics, a number of which are made from recycled materials to cut down emissions, mean you can play your game without irritation.

Tradition meets innovation

Skirts have been the traditional choice of apparel for tennis players for decades, but don’t think for a second that these black tennis skirts are out of date. The latest technology that performs to the highest levels is combined with modern styles that let you find your on-court style. A number of lengths let you choose the amount of coverage you prefer, while you can also take your choice of straight fits or pleated finishes. Available in an all-black design, these are the perfect additions to your kit bag for a sleek tennis ensemble that’s ready for anything.