Men’s tennis clothing

Step onto the court in confidence, with men’s tennis clothing. The moisture-managing properties keep you dry, breathable materials keep you cool, whilst stretchy fabrics promote a range of natural movements.
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Enjoy the benefits of technologies in men’s tennis clothing

Enhance your performance, with men’s tennis clothing from adidas. Whether it’s a t-shirt for training or a pair of shorts for match day, we’ve got you covered. A range of sports technologies ensures you get the most out of your tennis clothing, so you can focus on the game at hand. Breathable materials keep you cool by promoting air circulation from the moment you step onto the court. Sweat-wicking fabrics soak up moisture from start to finish, keeping you dry for the duration. Stretchy designs ensure that your range of motion isn’t restricted, allowing you to stretch and slide for every ball.

Add to your wardrobe, with tennis clothing for men

No matter if you’re training, heading to a tournament or just having a knock-up with friends, there is an item for everyone in the tennis clothing for men range. Suitable for a variety of surfaces, such as clay and hard courts, you’ll be a multicourt master in no time at all. For cooler months, you can benefit from wind-resistant designs that shield you from the elements, whereas in warmer seasons, you can beat the heat with a sleeveless tee. The men’s tennis clothing collection is topped off with the cornerstone of our brand, the 3-Stripes of adidas, which signifies quality and comfort.

Tennis clothing that’s kind to the environment

We reuse a lot of materials to create the men’s tennis clothing collection, which means fewer virgin resources are consumed in the production process. Some of the recycled materials are plastic ocean waste, too. The benefit of this is two-fold, with fewer carbon emissions being released into the environment as well as a reduction in plastic pollution in our seas. You can do your bit for the environment, too, by looking after your tennis clothing. Just check the care label before the first wash to see how best to wash and dry your items.