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Mesh clothing helps to keep you fresh and cool

Our mesh clothing range runs the gamut, from sports bras to tracksuits and pretty much everything in between. They provide cooling ventilation while you’re playing sport or training, to help keep refreshing air flow moving and prevent overheating and stuffiness. They also aid with sweat dispersal, absorbing it and promoting quick evaporation. Whether you’re wearing a mesh dress or mesh skirt for tennis, a pair of adidas mesh leggings, a mesh tank top, running shorts or mesh tracksuits, you’ll feel the difference that our strategically placed mesh inserts make. We use fully recycled materials wherever possible.

Sports-specific mesh clothing and all-round training wear

We offer mesh clothing for specific sports, plus apparel for general training. For example, our mesh tennis tops and bottoms have a slim, sporty fit that gives a full range of motion, with mesh panels in the shoulders and sides of the shorts, with large-sized pockets for your second serve ball. You can also get adidas mesh clothing for other sports like yoga, road and track running, football, as well as gym wear and general fitness apparel. Mesh swimsuits are also available, and adidas mesh tracksuits can be worn for any kind of warm-up or to train when the weather is cold.

Hassle-free mesh clothing

You’ll benefit from our mesh clothes when you’re not training, too. They’re easy and convenient to look after – simply put them in the machine on a cold delicate cycle. You’ll seldom need more than a light touch-up with a cool iron after that. They’re also kind on your wallet, as their versatility allows you to use the same mesh tops or pants for various types of sports or different fitness regimes, giving you great value for money.