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Black Watches

Edition Three M Watch
Project Two R Watch
Code One Chrono L Watch

Black watches with character for a variety of wrists

The thrill that came from wearing a wristwatch may have diminished with the invention of mobile technology, but if you are someone who misses that familiar feel and weight on your hand, adidas has a small selection of black watches designed for a variety of wrists according to taste. The vintage look of a digital watch combined with the advancements of a silicone strap and polycarbonate housing resulted in a model that displays ergonomic beauty with loads of character. There are also standard analogue black watches that are wafer thin, with three dials to mark the time, and are available in stainless steel or silicone blend options.

Pair up a black watch with cufflinks

If a person’s choice of watch is one of those markers that says a lot about its owner, then let our sleek, angular chronograph do the talking for you on your way to the gym, or while it’s counting the seconds on your laps around the training field, or even while its built-in LED light shows you the time in the middle of the night. The elegant analogue all-black watches in the collection can speak for themselves in the meeting room, the lunchroom, or the dining room, and since they are ultra-thin they won’t cause a hassle when you wear cufflinks.

A black watch blends old-world tech with new-school style

New-school styling and old-world digital technology give our chronographic black watches a decided edge when timing is of the essence on the playing field, at the gym or in the pool, but when it is not, you can admire the elegance and lightness of our analogue timepieces, as time wiles away waiting for the traffic light to change or waiting for the cashier at the lunch counter. Wristwatches are marvellous inventions that can be a great way to introduce a young person to timekeeping, or can also be a thoughtful gift for the purist who treasures classic styling and design.