adidas Alexander Wang

£153 - £154

adidas Alexander Wang mixes disco aerobics with a modern pop culture edge

The Alexander Wang adidas Originals range puts a new spin on traditional sports leisurewear. They're a step outside the ordinary, with space-age designs that are simultaneously packed with retro nostalgia from the disco era. The adidas Alexander Wang range doesn't prize style over substance either – these are hard-working trainers, athletic tops and bottoms, tracks suits, gym bags and accessories that you can take with you on training sessions. This collection uses ultra-modern construction techniques and materials, updating the beloved traditional adidas trainer for new millennium tastes and aesthetic sensibilities.

New-look classic adidas Originals and ultra contemporary trainers

We know that adidas fans always go straight for the trainers, so let's deal with these adidas Alexander Wang beauties first. You can choose between the classic adidas Originals cut and designs so modern they look as if they're the most sophisticated mountaineering shoes on the market. Look the part in Alexander Wang Originals, complete with '90s-retro exaggerated puff padding and tube-sock inners with stretchy angle collars that mould them to your feet. Both of these ranges have synthetic rubber and leather protection in strategic areas, and ultra-grippy soles for maximum traction. So while they've been labelled "club leisure" by their designer, they're up to the challenge of the gym circuit as well.

Sportswear for all purposes in striking shiny fabrics

adidas Alexander Wang sports clothing offers a wide choice of designs, predominantly in snug fleecy materials or shiny high tech metallic-look fabric. There are tracksuit pants and jackets aplenty, sweatshirts, T-shirts and vests, and a range of other purposefully tailored items too, from lace bodysuits to silver sports bras and boxing shorts. When you want a completely new look for your gym wardrobe and you're feeling on point and adventurous, look for Alexander Wang adidas before you go anywhere else - we've got everything you need, with an extra haute couture.