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Y-3 trainers


adidas Y-3 trainers are crafted by Yohji Yamamoto with a strong Japanese cultural influence. They also feature enhanced footwear technologies to deliver great comfort and optimal energy return with every step.

Y-3 Y-3 Makura ShoesY-3 Y-3 Makura Shoes
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Y-3 Makura Shoes


Y-3 Y-3 Ajatu Run ShoesY-3 Y-3 Ajatu Run Shoes
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Y-3 Ajatu Run Shoes


Y-3 Sprint Shoes
Y-3 Qasa High Shoes
Y-3 Ajatu Court High Shoes
Y-3 Boxing Shoes
Y-3 Hicho Shoes
Y-3 Hicho Shoes
Y-3 Qisan Cozy Shoes
Y-3 Qisan Cozy Shoes

Y-3 trainers fuse sports culture with urban fashion

Our collection of Y-3 trainers represents the sublime collaboration between Western sports culture and Eastern urban fashion. Bold models with exaggerated heel designs dare you to leave convention behind and embrace the future of high-performance footwear. Dual-layer mesh uppers allow feet to breathe naturally so you can test the limits of your commitment to rise above the pain. Boost energy midsoles and EVA insoles provide dramatic levels of comfort, improved stability and dynamic balance so you function at peak efficiency. High-abrasion outsoles offer an arsenal of grip patterns capable of substantial traction power for training and competition excellence.

Minimalist aesthetics and dynamic potential define Y-3

The fusion of minimalist design aesthetics with dynamic potential creates durable Y-3 trainers in which you can overcome any obstacle. Combine this with a can-do attitude and watch yourself soar to the hoop on the court or conquer the road on your next run. Or, allow yourself to redefine what it means to master challenging yoga postures and complicated dance moves in the studio. Leave flamboyancy at the door and realise the clean, classic lines and quality craftsmanship of these shoes as you declare yourself worthy of meeting any challenge.

Y-3 trainers pack powerful style and functionality

When it’s time to relax and enjoy the pleasure of casual activities, Y-3 trainers are adept at infusing any attire with instant street cred. High- and low-top shoes are available in expressive blends of colours and motifs when you wish to make a bold fashion statement. Unassuming running shoes offer quiet elegance best suited to the workplace and classroom when your energy and focus are required elsewhere. Your choice of lifestyle shoe should reflect your personal style and dominant attitude. In a world where style and functionality are highly valued, Y-3 footwear is a powerful symbol of both.