Women's Camouflage Trousers


Women's camouflage trousers

Our adidas women's camouflage trousers have comfortable ribbed cuffs around the ankle and camo print with the adidas logos stitched onto the leg. They are loose fitting around the leg to ensure the utmost comfort which make them an ideal everyday pair of trousers. The women's camouflage trousers are made from cotton and adidas partners with the Better Cotton Initiative in order to help improve cotton farming globally. Simply pair the trousers with one of our hoodies or tops for a relaxed look when unwinding or while out and about.

Camouflage in fashion, art and society

Camouflage print became popular with the American military in the 19th century in order to confuse the enemy to disguise soldiers as natural objects that could be found in nature as well as to disguise aircraft. The popular print is still recognisable today and is used to remember the camo print used in war. In fashion, art and society it became widely used from the time of the First World War onwards.

Modern day 

In recent years, fashion designers across the world have used camo print fabric for its striking design, its patterned 'chaos' and its symbolism. The camo fad took off in the 1980s, when hunters and the general public began to wear all different colours of the print. The most popular being the classic green, tan and brown options. Camouflage print can be worn for the symbolism or for fashion reasons, for example, during the late 60s and early 70s in the United States of America, protesters wore camouflage printed clothing at the demonstrations against American involvement in the Vietnam War. Modern artists such as Ian Hamilton Finlay have cleverly used camouflage to reflect on war.  The trend is not only well recognised but it is back for good, so enjoy your trendy new season camouflage print women's trousers from adidas.