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Women's Boxing Shoes

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Speedex 18 Shoes
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Box Hog 3 Shoes

Women's boxing shoes for total floating freedom

You box for empowerment and strength, and your shoes are designed for their toughest opponent yet – your footwork. Fanciful, free and always forceful, women's boxing shoes apply athletic technology that dances on the edge of fashion. Created with floating intention, these ultralight shoes use reinforced mesh uppers that breathe, whilst outsoles provide superior traction and grip in the ring, making sure you never lose your footing. Look for pairs with abrasion-resistant toe caps for extra protection and keep your ankles protected at all times with the high-cut design of the traditional boxing shoe. The thin EVA midsole offers you your most responsive footwork yet.

Boxing trainers to attack and defend your stance

Boxing has upper-cut, hooked and jabbed its way into your spirit and your activewear now needs to keep up for the full 12 rounds. Whether you choose to spar for your fitness or take your stress out on the bags, your feet need to be anchored and stable to allow for the freedom of the sting. You can be guaranteed a non-slip session, regardless of the floor surface, with adidas boxing shoes for women. Available in colour palettes that reflect the retro heritage of the sport, bold, neon statements and everything in between, boxing shoes hug your feet, giving you inner support and total confidence.

Ground your activewear in boxing shoes for women

Dressing for the ring could not be more exciting when you have adidas women's boxing shoes at the base of your outfit. Compatible with a huge variety of bottoms, pick from Alphaskin leggings for complete muscle support, recycled polyester 3-Stripes shorts for extra hot nights in the ring or comfy joggers when you need to get your cardio in afterwards. Slip on a Trefoil branded tracksuit for total brand commitment as you finish your stretches and walk out of the gym, leaving all your daily frustrations in a pile of sweat.