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Winter Sports Wear

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Winter sports wear

When temperatures drop and snow starts to fall, you can count on winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and skating to keep you warm and active. Choosing the right gear will give you adequate support, and in the adidas collection of winter sports wear you will find everything you need from clothing to shoes to accessories. Jackets come in a variety of styles that you can match according to your needs such as hoodies, windbreakers, or down jackets, while trousers and tops include styles with fitted, regular, or loose fits to suit all preferences. Don’t forget gloves and beanies which help keep you completely covered on particularly cold days, while the right shoes will ensure you have the right grip on the most slippery surfaces.

Designed for ultimate comfort

Each item in the adidas collection of winter sports wear has been designed with your comfort in mind, incorporating technologies that provide both support during your performance and warmth in cold weather. Some of the fabric used in winter sports clothing has insulating characteristics as its fibers are densely woven together, but a special technology keeps it breathable by enabling sweat to evaporate thus keeping you dry. When it comes to shoes, the use of responsive cushioning enables you to use every last bit of energy through its ability to store it and then release it when needed, while outsoles with very high grip such as Continental™ rubber and Stealth® will give you the confidence you need to walk on any surface.

Stay safe and save the planet

In addition to providing you with all the needed safety and comfort, some items in this winter sports wear collection have been designed with the planet in mind. Choosing a style made with recycled polyester helps with the decrease of emissions, while picking a water-repellent style that has been coated with PFC-free material indicates a chemical-free solution for better health and a better world.