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Volleyball Shorts


Versatile volleyball shorts to match your lifestyle

Our fantastic catalogue of volleyball shorts is available in a range of options to match your style. Lightweight, contemporary designs mean you will have the performance edge while looking your best, on and off the courts. Light and breezy, designed with durability in mind, adidas volleyball shorts are the final word on comfort, performance and fashion, all brought to you at affordable prices for top-quality sportswear. Work out with complete confidence with options that offer more than just pro-grade volleyball wear. Alphaskin offers industry-leading movability and sweat absorption, while our shorts use interlocking fabrics and mesh linings for maximum breathability. Lunges and squats, running and yoga, you name it, you can do it in style with these multipurpose tights and shorts. Great for a range of secondary sporting activity, you could easily enjoy a game of tennis or a round of squash without the need to change your fitness wear. 

No constraints, the advantage of comfort

This iconic range has been designed with you in mind: our volleyball shorts set the standard when it comes to absolute comfort. Whether you prefer tights or shorts, lightweight designs and cutting edge materials ensure the best in performance wear. Unprecedented freedom of motion guarantees the best possible experience on the courts, while adidas branded fashionable designs make a clear statement. The remarkable flexibility of adidas volleyball tights and shorts make for convenient, everyday active-wear, while the merger of design and material ensures the maximum degree of range of movement, specifically adapted to the rigours of professional-level volleyball.

Volleyball and beyond

Step off the court and straight into your next exercise routine with confidence. Perfect for any activity and any weather, the unrestricted designs allow for so much more than any single movement. All you need when hitting the gym, our famous adidas branded shorts and tights are more than capable of even the most stringent training regimens. Running, cardio, Pilates, whatever your routine, you will be ready for it. The recognisable adidas design quality means our volleyball shorts are the gold standard in casual everyday activewear.