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Volleyball Knee Pads


Volleyball kneepads to take the hits for you

Make no mistake, adidas volleyball kneepads are an imperative part of your volleyball wardrobe. Because when you lunge forward to keep that spike ball off the timber and you’re about to hit the floor knees first - really hard - you know you’ve got adidas on your side. Experiences and feedback from the best volleyball players around the globe and the technological expertise adidas is renowned for, go into kneepads emblazoned with the iconic 3-Stripes. That’s why we incorporate contoured memory foam that’s layered with gel shock absorbers in 100% seamless nylon and terry loop fabrics that are as tough as the rigours you face on court. They give you the flexibility to fly and the snug fit and active protection to take the falls in your stride as well.

Kneepads that support every move of a volleyball session

Volleyball is not for the faint hearted because it’s like life itself – you’ll never win unless you push yourself. Just ask anyone who’s gone down with Jumper’s Knee, one of the sport’s most common injuries creating inflammation of the tendon that connects the shin to the kneecap. When you leap high above the court or twist and turn, lunge and dive, you need the secure fit and comprehensive support that adidas volleyball kneepads deliver. Because you’re in constant motion on the court you have zero time for distractions. That’s where the durable knit sock construction moulds to the contours of your knee and the high-sleeve height gives you the support to deliver for your team and smash your opponents across the net.

Volleyball kneepads to set and forget

Our adidas volleyball kneepads are an important element of a complete range of the volleyball accessories and apparel we have to offer. They are designed for players of all ages and genders and all standards from occasional to elite. Plus, we’ve designed them with you in mind because they’re structured around an incomparable level of knowledge about the game you love to play. It’s our business to give you kneepads that provide the reinforcement, comfort, resilience and impact absorption you need, time after time, in practise and in competition. Pull them on and put them to work. Then, once the final whistle has blown and the celebrations begin, simply throw them in the wash and they’re good to go again. Just like you.