Volleyball Equipment & Accessories

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Volleyball equipment & accessories

Whether you're a beginner, a fair-weather player who prefers playing on the sand or you know your way around an indoor court, the right volleyball equipment and accessories will provide all the necessary support and protection you need. From kit bags, headgear and knee pads to socks, leg warmers, water bottles and towels for beach volleyball games, you will find a range of well-designed accessories at adidas to improve your game.

Protect yourself with adidas volleyball equipment

During an indoor volleyball game, you will need to dive for balls to keep them in play, so you will therefore need to protect your knees from floor burns. Wearing knee pads indoors is crucial and you will have choice from the bubble or the flat style. Built with multi-density padding from EVA, our range of knee pads allow you to dig for a save without worrying about injury. Featuring a stretch fit with soft, comfortable seams, the pads are created with shock-absorbing foam to help protect your knees from high impact with the floor. The adidas kneepads also feature sweat-wicking fabric that keeps your knees dry while you work up a sweat.

Complete your volleyball set with adidas  

To fend off unwanted sweat, invest in a headband made with absorbent materials or buy a visor with a sweatband that manages moisture so that your head stays dry. To keep your feet cool, try out a pair of volleyball socks that feature mesh inserts toprovide maximum ventilation so that your feet remain comfortable on the court. To complete your volleyball set, get a duffel bag made with recyclable materials to carry your volleyball equipment and accessories to and from games. Available in several colours, the bag has a mesh side pocket for water bottles and a zip pocket for other essentials.