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Women Volleyball Blue 4 Inch ShortsWomen Volleyball Blue 4 Inch Shorts

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Volleyball clothes & kits

No matter if you’re playing volleyball recreationally or at a higher level, you need the best volleyball clothes and kits. From your t-shirt and shorts down to your socks and underwear, your volleyball clothes must allow you to perform well on the court and move with ease. The adidas range of volleyball clothes and kits for men and women is well-designed and comfortable, featuring sweat-wicking, lightweight, breathable, reflective and adjustable clothing that suits both indoor and outdoor training. With added extras like pockets for keeping your personal belongings to hand and high-waisted support in training leggings, our wide collection of volleyball clothes provides the perfect solution for players on the court.

Intelligent volleyball clothing

Knowing the conditions that you’ll be playing volleyball under is important when choosing the right volleyball clothes and kits. When you’re looking for suitable volleyball clothes, you need to look out for moisture managing fabrics. The specially designed material allows the sweat to be drawn away from your body and keeps you dry throughout your game. Whatever the weather or conditions of your volleyball session, you can wear a hoodie, sweatshirt, jersey or sports bra with adidas technology and feel dry at all times. In warmer weather, opt for volleyball clothing with breathable materials that allow you to remain dry during training thanks to its ventilation properties.

Sustainable volleyball kit

Many of our volleyball clothes and kits are sustainably made from recycled materials to avoid waste and minimise resources. As well as being better for the environment, the recycled fabrics like polyester, which features in many of our clothes, wick sweat from your body to keep you comfortable during a volleyball game. Invest in a piece of high-quality volleyball kit from adidas and not only will it help you improve your performance on the court, but you will help the environment.