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Men's Vintage Shoes


Men vintage shoes are back and they ain’t going anywhere

The feeling of nostalgia is one of the most powerful feelings a human being can feel. The 3-Stripes legend was built on iconic figures like the one you see in the picture. Clean, crisp lines for a silhouette that overshadows and trumps trends and generations. A shoe synonymous with comfort and finesse that consummates any outfit you decide to put on. Embrace the rubber cupsole with an EVA insert giving you a comfortable, flexible feel. Never have men vintage shoes been so loved, missed and celebrated. Bringing them back felt like an obligation to the men that have walked through life with them and loved every step they took. It also felt like an obligation to all those men that have yet to experience this. Here’s your chance.

Vintage has never felt so contemporary

Men’s vintage shoes are going through a resurgence and here at adidas, we’d like to think we are playing a huge part in this ongoing revolution. Restocking men's vintage shoes is always a tricky affair. How much of the product do you change if any? Do you bring it back exactly the same? The reason these shoes fall under the vintage and iconic category is because people fell in love with them from the get-go, just the way they were initially produced. When we decided to bring them back, we knew that we were taking a risk, but risk-taking is what brought us to the dance in the first place. Here you have it then. All yours to enjoy. A vintage shoe that’s comfortable, stylish and full of history.

Back to the future with a blast from the past

Wearing the adidas men vintage shoes makes you part of history. They are not just shoes and you’re no longer a simple man. Their aura, their legacy and what they mean to the heritage of shoes gives your outfit a timelessness and elegance you can’t really describe but merely feel. You can expect a shoe that has not lost any of the attributes that made it a household name, but also a shoe that has been revamped to fit the demanding needs of our times.