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Trefoil Leggings and Tights

Adicolor 3D Trefoil Leggings
Adicolor Sliced Trefoil High-Waisted Leggings
Leggings with Velvet Stripes and Trefoil Rivet
Leggings with Velvet Stripes and Trefoil Rivet
Logo Play Tights

Stretch it out with Trefoil tights

Whether you’re out for a run, stretching at the gym or relaxing after a workout, adidas Trefoil tights offer a superb range of styles for both kids and women. The snazzy designs, sporting the Trefoil logo and the iconic 3-Stripes, symbolise the combination of quality and comfort. Choose between a variety of styles, including short or full-length tights and standard or high-waist designs, and find a look which suits your personality. Coming in regular, tight, slim and plus size fits, you’ll be able to stand proud in your comfortable Trefoil tights. 

Tights with the Trefoil logo for everyday use

Great for when you exercise and want to push yourself to the limit, the adidas range of Trefoil tights is also superb for other leisure activities too. Lightweight, sweat-absorbing material keeps your skin cool and dry no matter how much you’re feeling the heat of your workout. If you just want to chill out and relax, then the elastic waist will provide ultimate comfort whilst the superior fabrics will feel soft and cosy on your skin. The perfect item for a range of activities, what you wear your adidas Trefoil tights for is up to you.

Sustainable and durable leggings

With adidas committed to using recycled materials and improving cotton farming around the world, you can buy Trefoil leggings in confidence and know that you’re helping the environment. Not only does the production of the Trefoil range use less resources and produce less carbon dioxide, but the quality of the materials used is of the highest standard. Clothes from the Trefoil range are built to last and, with the correct care, can stay looking as good as new for longer. Check the care instructions on the label of your Trefoil tights to see how to wash and dry them.