What makes Terrex Swift so special?

These adidas trekking shoes are built for speed on any mountain trail. They boast ultra-lightweight materials from trail running shoes with the versatility and support of serious hiking shoes, resulting in speed and protection. Don't miss the shoes in the range that have the desirable GORE-TEX® textile upper, making them waterproof and breathable. This water-resistant technology results in keeping your feet dry, no matter what the mountain has to throw at you. Its slightly stiffer fabric will fit your foot snugly and not lose shape or create hot spots on longer scrambles. A tough shoe with a tough sole means protection is its primary function.

Beat the mountain with ease in Terrex Swift hiking shoes

The impressive light weight of these adidas trekking shoes will blow your mind with the amount of support you get out of such a light shoe. It is the number one reason they are the perfect fit for a mountain trail. adidas partners with Continental™ Rubber to design the treaded sole, aiding in maximum grip on mountain rocks, and the lugs are evenly spaced, preventing any mud build-up. Protection is the key feature, helping you perform your best. These adidas shoes have a rubber TPU toe cap – rare for a lightweight hiking shoe. Areas underneath the sole have extra rubber, creating spots of further protection, coupled with a rubber heel and midsole.

Protect your shoes so they can protect you

The Terrex Swift range has a low-cut upper, meaning they are best for hiking or mountain trailing in warmer climates, where you won't be submerging your foot in water levels higher than your ankle; however, the breathable coating and fabrics do air dry quickly. Be sure to protect your adidas trekking shoes by hand washing them in low-temperature water.