Terrex AX: The technology of trekking boots

The Terrex AX range of entry-level hiking boots by adidas is a must-have preferred choice of shoe for any member of the family. The weather can be unpredictable but your shoe won't be. In addition, the outsole made of Continental rubber ensures a secure grip even in wet conditions. So you can trust that the AX4 will get you to your destination safely.

A perfect fit for any trail

Terrex AX hiking shoes from adidas are designed to keep your mind on the goal for several types of outdoor adventures. Look out for the models featuring the waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane that seals out moisture, keeping your feet dry. During long hikes or uneven ground, things could get rocky, but your feet will be stable with the Torsion bar delivering midfoot support. The mixture of lightweight fabrics and elements of the hiking shoes means you can be your best on hikes or scrambles.

Pack your Terrex AX hiking shoes

It's best to pack your Terrex AX hiking shoes when heading out to an unknown territory, as these shoes are perfect for most terrains. The multipurpose trekking shoes will give you peace of mind, no matter what the trail brings your way. These shoes are made to last, so keeping them clean is essential to extending their life. There are easy steps to clean your adidas trekking shoes. First, prep the shoe by removing the laces and insole, before shaking off excess dry sand and dirt. You can use scent eliminating sprays without compromising the integrity of the GORE-TEX® membrane. Use a soft brush or cloth and some warm water to rub down both the inside or outside of the shoe. Let the shoe air dry naturally.