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Oversize sweatshirts

When you’re chilling in an adidas oversize sweatshirt, you’ll enjoy maximum comfort while displaying the stylish essence of the modern baggy jumper. Being cosy and warm just got a lot less complicated.

adidas oversize sweatshirts: Cotton perfection for the modern generation

If you’re looking for style and comfort, then look no further than the extensive range of modern adidas oversize sweatshirts. The 100% cotton finish of our jumpers gives you that natural comfort you need throughout the day, whether it’s in the house or out on the town, you’ll be in your element. Choose from a large selection of great designs, with the adidas Trefoil classic incorporated in a retro style with a modern twist, and of course our iconic 3-Stripes series. When it comes to loose sweatshirts by adidas, you can always expect quality.


Loose sweatshirts by adidas: Comfort and style personified

When feeling the extreme levels of warmth and comfort that comes with a classic baggy jumper, you’ll know that the range of stylish oversize sweatshirts by adidas will meet your exact needs. With a modern selection of designs and patterns, with bright colour combinations to really bring out the expressive in you. adidas loose sweatshirts can be worn anywhere, at home on the sofa, out and about with friends, and even as an extra layer in the gym to really sweat out a good training session. Your comfort and warmth come first, but a little added adidas style never hurts.


Look after your sweatshirt so it keeps you warmer for longer

If you want to look your best, ensuring your comfort and style are centre stage, then make sure to take good care of your sweatshirt. So, follow these care instructions so you can extend your sweatshirt’s lifespan. Firstly, turn the jumper inside out and add it to a cold wash cycle, accompanied by like colours. Use a mild detergent and avoid fabric softeners completely. Once the cycle is complete, hang the item up to dry at room temperature, do not tumble dry. For finishing touches you can go over it with a cool iron, and avoid ironing the adidas motif, bleaching and dry cleaning.