Striped Dresses

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Striped dresses are so adidas

Striped dresses can be classy or fun, sophisticated or playful. The selection of striped dresses by adidas elevates that look even more when featuring the 3-Stripes. Your style and taste matched with the striped collection from adidas will create fabulous outfits that you can wear anywhere. You will look terrific and poised from every angle and in any lights with these comfortably stylish dresses.

Stripes lengthen looks

Vertical stripes elongate your silhouette, which may make you look taller. Choosing the correct horizontal stripes will actually create a slimming look. Some may call this creating an optical illusion, but you can call it flattering your figure. That means you can have fun with both types of stripes. Choose from 3-Stripes stretching down the sleeves. Or get them highlighting your contours along the sides. You might even want to try patterns of horizontal and vertical stripes for a retro look. Stripes are just the beginning as you select your adidas striped dress. There’s a wide range of colours as well as designs to satisfy your tastes. Let the stripes switch from black to white as you assemble your outfit. Go cute with a drop waist dress in pleats. Get a little sexy with an off the shoulder dress. Every item boasts expert quality for an ideal, comfortable fit that is never too tight or too loose.

Add more glamour to your wardrobe

Stripes may run through the adidas DNA. But you can make it your very own. Start with a classic adidas striped dress. Then you can set yourself apart with accessories and footwear. Strappy sandals to match the lines. Or a choker necklace to enhance the top. No matter how you mix and match your outfit, a striped dress from adidas can be all yours, whether you’re on the tennis court or the dance floor.