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High Waist Shorts


Our high waist shorts provide the perfect flattering combination of confidence and style, to make the most of your physique. Choose from extra short, knee length and thigh length versions in a selection of colours.

High waist shorts

Looking for something that allows you to workout with minimum distraction and provide maximum comfort while relaxing? High waist shorts are exactly for you. Ideal for both men and women, these shorts are an ideal combination of design, function, and comfort. Providing excellent coverage, high waist shorts are not only practical for your bending, stretching, and other exercising moves, but also keep you in-trend. Different material choices are available, including the eco-friendly recycled polyester that satisfies the need and expectations of environment lovers. The fabric is designed with a sweat-absorbing technique to keep you cool and dry during tough training sessions. The performance cuts and soft and stretchable material adds to the flexibility and comfort you get from high waist shorts. The broad elastic provides a comfortable and improved fitting to give you a full degree of freedom in the gym.

Choose the best high waist shorts for your lifestyle

Whether you are pacing through the racing tracks, beating the swimming laps, sweating in your regular gym sessions, hanging out on the streets, or just enjoying leisure at a beach-side, high waist shorts serve your purpose in every activity. You can choose loosely fitting shorts, snug fit, or a regular slim fit for a more contemporary look. You can also make a choice based on the sport of your choice. You can find the best high waist shorts for running, swimming, and other activities.

Style high waist shorts

High waist shorts are excellent choices for comfortable summers. Available in different patterns, prints, and colours, these add a bold and lively touch to your look. Whether you choose plain or patterned shorts, you are going to inspire others with your fashion choices. You can pair them with your favourite tee or a hoodie. High waist shorts also serve as a great and comfortable base for layering. You can complete your look with adidas sneakers and a cap to add more oomph to your style.