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Pool Accessories

persistar comfort mirrored swim goggle
persistar 180 unmirrored swim goggle junior
Cotton Dressing Gown
3-Stripes Swim Cap
Silicone Logo Swim Cap
persistar fit unmirrored swim goggle
persistar fit unmirrored swim goggle
persistar fit mirrored swim goggle
persistar 180 unmirrored swim goggle
persistar comfort unmirrored swim goggle
Adizero XX Competition Silicone Swim Cap
Swim Headscarf
Swim Hijab
persistar fit unmirrored swim goggle junior
Silicone Logo Swim Cap

Pool accessories

adidas manufactures premium pool accessories to ensure that every pool trip will be productive and fun. These accessories showcase the best of the brand’s style heritage, manufacturing technologies, and performance-oriented philosophies. In short, what every buyer wants is a product that combines the best of form, function and durability.

Swim to perform

First off in our line of pool accessories are swim caps that come in different designs and build. We have swim caps made from sturdy silicone that lowers drag for a more fluid and solid performance. The streamlined finish of these caps makes them perfect for performance-driven athletes who want to dominate the competition. The silicone construction of these caps is tear-resistant and promotes fuss-free on and off without pulling the hair. The secure fit is not only comfortable but also confidence-boosting, knowing that the cap won’t get dislodged accidentally. Other models feature a water-repellent coating that helps maintain dry hair despite repeated laps. We also offer swimming goggles with a specialised build to suit specific needs and taste. We have unmirrored and mirrored goggles built for lap swims with their wide field of vision. They have adjustable nosepieces and dual straps to ensure a comfortable and snug fit. They also possess UV protection and anti-fog finishing that help guarantee clear vision no matter how intense the moment may be. They're perfect for those recreational swims. Our mirrored swim goggles have a one-piece frame that provides comfort to the wearer, while our optical goggles have lenses available in nine different dioptres for a custom vision for each eye.

Terrific combo

Our pool accessories include swim sets with a combination of swim caps and goggles built for kids. The silicone cap offers a snug fit while the goggles feature a double-back strap and side clips that facilitate quick fitting adjustments. The moulded seals around the eyes help ensure that the water stays out so your kid can focus on perfecting strokes at the pool.

Complete your swim collection

Our pool accessories also include towels made from a soft, sturdy and quick-drying cotton fabric. We also have dressing gowns that offer luxurious comfort with the cotton towelling material they're made from. Finally, our mesh swim bags have excellent air circulation to help keep the bag dry plus a large main compartment to hold your pool essentials. Complete your pool accessories today.