Pink Bags


Pink bags for the way you live

The collection of pink bags from adidas is made from several types of fibres that stand up to use. Plus, the bags come in varieties that accentuate your personal athletic style. These pink bags come in styles that have handles made for strapping on your back, fastening around your waist, or toting in your hands. Bags in this collection may be made from firmer fibres or soft fibres that flex easily to accommodate the items you pack. Some styles are also crafted from recycled fibres so you can proudly show your affinity for protecting the earth by choosing them.

Bags that carry the things you need to transport

The collection of adidas pink bags includes a variety of sizes to accommodate whatever you need to carry. If you need to carry a few small personal items, a small crossbody or waist bag keeps your things against your body. This makes it easy to access your personal items. It also offers some extra security because you have greater control over the bag and its contents. Pink bags are also available to strap on your back or carry like a tote bag. These styles offer more space to hold your things, like a change of clothing or your favourite trainers.

Choose pink bags by size or style

Pink bags from adidas come in styles featuring classic designs that are recognisable anywhere, such as the adidas 3-Stripes or Trefoil. So, when you want to show your sporty, feminine side and earn some extra street cred, choose from bags in light pink shades for a subtle, feminine touch or brighter shades and patterns for a high-energy, playful effect. Also, check for outer pockets that zip shut to protect your valuables and inner pockets and compartments to help keep your adidas pink bag organised.