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Petite shorts


Petite shorts fit perfectly for your summer workout

When the temperatures crank up and you can take your workout outdoors, you will be well-equipped with a good pair of shorts. We offer styles in petite sizes to make sure that they fit you perfectly. Our petite shorts come in various colours to complement your individual style and have no limitations in quality – just in length. Your workout may take you on a hike, a bike ride or to the local football field, and our pairs of shorts can provide a versatile and supportive part of your athletic wardrobe for all eventualities.  

Practicality and a cool outdoor look combine with our shorts in small sizes

What to do with your essentials when you go for a run in the great outdoors? Bringing a bag can slow you down, but with the side pockets in our petite shorts, there is no need to bring one. Keys, headphones and your phone can easily be stored during your sport endeavours. A regular fit adds a natural air flow to keep your head cool during the warm season and to add motion flexibility. In addition, it gives you a great shape, regardless your physique. Drawcords at the elastic waist ensure it’s not only a good fit in length, but in width, too. Our classic 3-Stripes designs are a great choice if you want to show your adidas brand loyalty.

Complete the look to show off your shorts in petite size with style

You may need petite sizes for your shorts to get the length and look you want, but there are plenty of other adidas items that will make your chosen look stand out above all. Our range of jerseys offers breathability while adding even more of a casual touch to your shorts, while a tank top can add a fashionable touch as well as keeping you cool. Our vast range of running shoes will stretch your legs to make them look even better in your petite shorts.