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Predator Training Goalkeeper Gloves
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Get to grips with performance sports gloves

Find the perfect fit with this versatile selection of performance sports gloves. No matter your level, size or requirements, adidas has got you covered across a whole range of sports. So, whether it's boxing, football or running, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need right here.

Make the save, every time

A great goalkeeper is paramount to the success of a well-knit football team. Find gloves of the utmost quality that fit, grip and look great. adidas match day goalkeeper gloves feature up to 3.5 mm of padding in the palm to absorb thumping impacts as well as silicone on the backhand for enhanced punching. They’re made for a snug, natural fit that’s easy to slip on and contain ultra-grippy latex that clings to the ball in all weather conditions. If you’re after something a little less serious, adidas offers sports gloves that are ideal for training or an afternoon kick-about in the park with friends. There’s also a variety of other designs in youth sizes to help get those mini-keepers ready for the big leagues. Whatever you choose, you can trust that these performance sports gloves will see you through crunching penalties and testing corners season after season.

Fast hands or warm hands?

adidas performance sports gloves don’t just cater to goalkeepers, there’s also lightweight outfield player gloves perfect for the training ground, with conductive fingertips so you can stay connected in the cold. Pick up your next pair of boxing gloves ahead of your upcoming bout in the ring or go for a set of speed gloves perfect for training with the bag. If you’re after a little extra warmth during your winter runs, you can find great models with extra grip to help you switch songs whilst on the trail. Stylish 3-Stripes designs and quality, durable construction make any adidas sport gloves the right pick for you.