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Yoga LanyardYoga Lanyard
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adiZEEM Blue 3 PC
Massage Ball
Ankle / Wrist Weights
Resistance Tube Level 3
Performance Climacool Knee Support Small
Carry Strap
Essential Skipping Rope
Performance Climacool Ankle Support Small
Performance Climacool Ankle Support Medium
Adipower Lite 3.1 Racquet
Massage Roller
Parley Ocean Plastic Lanyard
Performance Climacool Knee Support Medium
Resistance Tube Level 1
Cork Yoga Block
Gym Ball
Resistance Tube Level 2
Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights 1 kg
Performance Ankle Support XL
RX 100 Racquet
Padel Overgrips
Performance Climacool Knee Support Large
Double Massage Ball
Performance Climacool Ankle Support Large
Mini Foam Roller
Drive 3.1 Racquet
Carry Strap
Resistance Band Set
Padel Overgrips
Resistance Band Light
Performance Knee Support XL
Performance Climacool Elbow Support Medium
Performance Climacool Elbow Support Small
Speed Rope
Performance Climacool Elbow Support Large
Adipower #Greenpadel Padel Racquet
Gymball 55 cm
RX 200 Light Racquet
Resistance Band Medium
Yoga Strap
Resistance Band Heavy
Foam Roller
Adipower Lite 3.1 Racquet
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Choose performance sports equipment

Picking quality performance sports equipment that lasts is essential for any athlete looking to get the most out of their training. From safety gear to recovery and workout accessories, adidas offers a whole range of sports equipment. So, whether you’re a yoga fanatic, a football player, boxer or weight trainer, you’ll find the right kit for you.

Tough, sturdy, resilient

When it comes to sports equipment, it’s all about durability. As a dedicated athlete, you shouldn’t have to worry about your gear falling apart after using it just a few times. You need to know that when the time rolls around, you can hit your workouts hard without being distracted by shoddy equipment. Take adidas’ yoga mats, for example. Sleek, cool designs, yet they’ll grip again and again. Great for home workouts and easy to roll up to transport to the studio. You can also find ultra-tough mats designed especially for hot yoga, with anti-slip and sweat absorption technology to meet the demands of heated studios. You’ll find quality and strength across the whole range of adidas performance sports equipment. From home workout kits to football gear and beyond, you can trust adidas to provide you with the highest-level of equipment that stays robust after each and every use.

Stay safe and keep up the intensity

adidas knows how important your safety is in all areas of training, so if you’re fending off an injury or simply looking after yourself in the gym, you can find what you need from this performance sports equipment range. Protect yourself during the match with comfortable shin pads, strap up your knees to really push yourself on the squat rack and wrap your wrists before going toe to toe for a couple of rounds with the bag. Recovery is also key, so look out for dense massage rollers that retain their shape and are compact enough to take with you to the gym. Take the best care of yourself to keep pushing further and choose adidas for all your performance sports equipment needs.