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Men's Skinny Trousers


Look great in a pair of men's skinny trousers from adidas. Whether you're engaging in vigorous exercise, dancing in the club or relaxing about town, our range of men's skinny trousers have got your style covered.

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Men's skinny trousers that were made to hug your body

The 3-Stripes culture is based on the ideas of progress, originality and innovation. Our men’s skinny trousers are the embodiment of these ideas. They bring a fresh, revamped look to the classic pair of pants, creating a more tailored piece of clothing. The slimmer shape gives the trousers a more modern feel as the fabric wraps around your calves. The trousers’ design lets your body and natural figure steal the limelight. The elastic fabric at the lower thigh and calf allows and promotes full range of motion on the pitch whilst open hems and side seam zip pockets are just a few more qualities that make this garment category special. Don’t let the immaculate design fool you though, as these trousers are not just pretty. When you decide to put them to the test, don’t be surprised by the results.

Skinny trousers are building a fat legacy

It’s true that skinny trousers for men are a product of our times and not a fashion trend that has circled back from the past. Slowly yet steadily, these pants are starting to build their own fan base. When we decided to put our time, effort and energy into this category of clothing we wanted to be one of the reasons men’s skinny trousers become a here-to-stay product. Our take on these pants is all about the definition of the male body without restraining or limiting the performance aspect. The materials used in production are tested for maximum pliability, warmth and silky smooth feel.

Men's skinny trousers for every occasion

The elegant, stylish and crisp fit of our men’s skinny trousers qualifies them for the training ground and the street alike. The minor design details we implemented on this piece make our skinny trousers one of the most versatile garments you’ll find in your wardrobe. Mood, feelings or events can change but you can rest assured that this pair of pants will rise to the occasion and adapt to your needs. You can forget the stress of having to decide what to wear. Our men’s skinny trousers are here for the rescue.