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Men's Camouflage Trousers


Men's camouflage trousers with nothing to hide

Camo print is misunderstood. One day it’s in fashion and the day after that it’s out of fashion. We decided to end the misunderstanding and keep men’s camouflage trousers in fashion for a long time to come. Our new lightweight insulation pants are made to keep you warm and cool at the same time. Warm while you train but looking cool whilst you do it. The slim fit is snug on the hips and thighs, elastic cuffs and side-pockets will do the trick. Not all camo prints are the same, so we’ve put a lot of effort into tailoring our designs to the needs and wants of the modern man. A piece of clothing that’s subtle and imposing at the same time.

Stay warm, stay ready

People who work out know the importance of body temperature and how muscles going from hot to cold and back to hot again can hinder performance. Our men’s camouflage trousers for men are designed to insulate your legs and keep the temperature at an optimum level for peak results. Cosy and light, these camo pants were made for high-performance athletes and fashionistas alike. This is a product that will instantly feature in the first rows of your wardrobe and will be on the receiving end of questions such as "Cool pants! Are they new?"

Camo trousers that make you stand out

This specific iteration of our men’s camouflage trousers was put together with you in mind. Our team wanted to create a pair of pants that empowers you and allows you to dress them up or down based on the occasion. What’s the best use for them? The one you choose, the one you need. Step outside for a quick afternoon run or wear your pair with lifestyle sneakers for a quick lunch. Either way, what you’ll get is wearing apparel that blends with your surroundings. Isn’t that what camo was invented for in the first place?