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Men's Hockey Sticks


Step up your game with men’s hockey sticks from adidas

No matter what your style, position or strengths, you’re bound to find the perfect stick for your style of play in this range of hockey gear for men. Sleek designs are fitted with state-of-the-art sports tech like strong, durable and lightweight Spread Tow Carbon to create the ultimate weapon on the field. They’re built to take the heat, so whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned player, you can’t go wrong. Embrace the power, accuracy and control in your game by choosing men’s hockey sticks from adidas.

adidas men’s hockey sticks for big hitters, playmakers and goal poachers

We all have different qualities on the pitch, which is why this range of hockey sticks for men offers a uniquely versatile selection. If you’re content to let the others claim the glory and would rather pick out lethal plays from deep, you’ll be at one with the LX. A High Soft grip tape, mid bow and Pure Control Head combine to allow ultimate control of the ball and pinpoint accuracy. For the powerful long-distance strikers and counter-attack masters, the DF low bow stick is the perfect choice. Great for blistering drag flicks and high-flying aerials that’ll have your opponent’s running ragged, you’ll be a deadly, game-changing force week after week. Natural-born goal scorers are best matched with the AX. An ultra-low bow and shaft groove lets you sneak into shooting range and lick off a shot that only has one outcome.

Step onto the field with confidence, class and style

Always remember to take care of your equipment. Give your hockey stick the home it deserves by picking out an adidas stick bag. There’s also plenty more accessories to choose from to build up the perfect kit. Pick up a pair of quality hockey shoes for extra grip and agility or stock up on tees to stay fresh when you’re putting in the hours on the training ground.