Kids and Junior Football Kits & Boots

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Football for the next generation

You’re never too young to get involved in the beautiful game, whether it's playing or watching. Fortunately, adidas has an extensive range of football clothes and accessories for children, including official football kits for kids, footwear, training clothes and more. Whether they’re taking their first tentative steps onto the pitch, heading out on match day for the big game or just watching the match from home, here you’ll find everything that you need to help them develop a lifelong love for the game.

adidas football kits for kids and junior football kits are like their adult-sized counterparts in every way, so there’s no stopping their burgeoning fandom. As well as full kits, we’ve got a wide range of football shirts for kids from all of their favourite teams.

Junior football kits from the world’s biggest teams

For many kids, their early love for football manifests itself in passionate support for a specific team, or sometimes even multiple teams. Choose from kids’ football kits and shirts from some of the UK’s top Premier League teams, as well as some of the biggest clubs from around the world. adidas also has full kids football kits and shirts from a selection of some of the best national teams in the world.

As well as football kits for kids, you’ll find boots, tracksuits, training tops, goalkeeper gloves, balls and much more that will help them enjoy playing the game. They’ll benefit from unique sportswear technologies such as Climalite fabrics that will help keep them cool on the pitch, moisture-absorbing Aeroready materials, not to mention adidas’ impeccable record for providing sportswear that feels as good to wear as it looks.

Football fashion for all ages

adidas kids’ football kits are available for all ages up to 16. You can even get football clothes for babies and toddlers, so no one in the family needs to be left out on match day. Choose from football shirts for boys or girls, as well as football accessories for kids, like shin guards, sports bags, socks and more. As well as official team kits, we’ve also got extensive adidas-branded training and match wear that is suitable for school, youth matches, a kick around in the park and even just general play. Give them a head start in the game with adidas football kits and clothes for kids.

adidas is renowned for making quality football wear, and that’s as true for kids as it is for adults. Choose from an extensive range of adidas football kits for kids, shirts, football accessories and more. Whether they’re training to be the next Beckham or watching the big game, help them do it in style.

Kids and Junior Football Kits & Boots Frequently Asked Questions

A size 2 football is best for children aged 4-5. For children aged 6-9 a size 3 is recommended, while size 4 is best for children aged 10-14. Children over 14 can play with an adult size 5 ball.
A size 28 football kit (28-inch chest) is generally suitable for children aged 10-12, but as each child is unique, it’s recommended that you measure them before you make a purchase.
There is no definite answer to when children should start playing football, but as a general guide, ages of between 3 and 5 is an excellent time to start.