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Boys' Football Boots

Predator Edge.1 Firm Ground Boots
Predator Edge.3 Turf Boots
Predator Edge.3 Indoor Boots
X Speedportal.3 Soft Ground Boots
X Speedportal.3 Indoor Boots
Deportivo Indoor Shoes
Predator Freak.3 Turf Boots
Predator Freak.3 Firm Ground Boots
X Speedportal+ Firm Ground Boots
Predator Edge+ Firm Ground Boots
Copa Sense.1 Firm Ground Boots
Gamemode Knit Firm Ground Boots
Predator Edge.3 Laceless Turf Boots
X Speedportal.3 Laceless Turf Boots
Copa Sense.3 Turf Boots
Predator Edge.3 Turf Boots
Copa Sense.3 Indoor Sala Boots
Predator Edge.4 Indoor Sala Boots
X Speedflow.4 Flexible Ground Boots
X Speedflow Messi.4 Turf Boots
Gamemode Turf Boots
X Ghosted.3 Firm Ground Boots
Predator Edge.1 Firm Ground Boots
X Ghosted.1 Firm Ground Boots
Copa Sense.4 Indoor Boots
Copa Sense.4 Turf Boots
Copa Sense.3 Firm Ground Boots
X Speedflow+ Firm Ground Boots
Predator Edge.3 Firm Ground Boots
X Speedportal.3 Firm Ground Boots
X Speedportal.3 Firm Ground Boots
Copa Sense.3 Firm Ground Boots
X Speedportal.3 Laceless Firm Ground Boots
X Speedportal.3 Indoor Boots
X Speedportal.3 Turf Boots
X Ghosted.3 Multi-Ground Boots
Predator Mutator 20.3 Turf Boots
Predator Mutator 20.3 Indoor Boots
Nemeziz .3 Turf Boots
Predator Edge.3 Multi Ground Boots
X Speedflow.3 Laceless Turf Boots
Gamemode Firm Ground Boots
Predator Edge.3 Laceless Firm Ground Boots
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Help them get the most out of their game with adidas boys' football boots

One of the best ways to keep younger players excited about their sport is to make sure they have the right gear. With plenty of different options it's easy to find boys' football boots that are in a style they'll feel confident in and have all the supportive technologies they need to perform at their best. Super light designs will help them make the most of their speed. Padding on the uppers helps improve control of the ball and lets them utilise their power.

Play on every surface with our football trainers for boys

The outsoles of boys' football boots will need to be different depending on what type of playing surface they use. On adidas you can find options for all different types of playing surfaces, whether you need long studs for firm ground grip or a shallow, durable lugged sole for artificial surfaces. Many boys might find themselves wanting or needing to play on different grounds, especially if they play both at school and at out of school facilities. These grounds may be different surfaces so that's why adidas has multi-ground football trainers for boys available. These options are balanced to provide the grip they need on both artificial and firm ground pitches.

Their style their way

Get them excited to head out the door whether it's game day or training with shoes in a style they'll love and support you'll love. Encourage them to take care of their gear by cleaning stains with a damp washcloth and giving them a regular brush with something soft to clear away dust and dirt on the surface.