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Field Hockey Sticks

ChaosfuryKroma.1 Gold/Black Hockey Stick 93 cm
Chaosfury.5 Gold/Black Hockey Stick 93 cm
FABELA.5 AquaWht 36.5SL
ESTRO.5 BlkRed 36.5SL
Fabela Kromaskin .1 Hockey Stick
Ruzo Hybraskin .1 Hockey Stick

Change your game with cutting edge hockey sticks

We have hockey sticks for men and women, all created with high performance as the focus at each stage of the design and construction process. Different models offer a choice of bow flexibility levels, so you can choose one that best suits your position and the way you like to play your game. Our field hockey sticks are designed for maximum control and employ our Pure Control Head shape in combination with engineered mid bow sections to facilitate a high degree of control. The shaft has a trapezoid shaped design with a handle area that comes wrapped in adidas Hi Soft tape. Those that have been purpose built for passing and lofting shots over the opposition have a low bow with a shaft groove to make them better at flicking the ball quickly and accurately. These have different grips too, using our Adigrip tape. They're made from advanced Spread Tow Carbon material with an epoxy core. Our dedicated sticks for shooters have an ultra low bow so that you can put as much power as possible into your shot and get pinpoint accuracy.

Field hockey sticks for every position on the field

Our hockey sticks are designed for the highest levels of the game, made accessible to everyone. Some are designed for shooting, while others are more suited to midfield play, which means they are built with the emphasis on ball control at high speed. They're designed for the playmakers on the field who need to weave the ball with dexterity while running at near full tilt. Other sticks are oriented to those who need to launch shots at the goal or send out accurate aerial balls to turn the flow of the game at the right time. They come in an eye-catching selection of colours, with solids, shades and day-glo colours. All of them are boldly emblazoned with the adidas 3-Stripes.