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High Tops


High tops are a key look in the adidas footwear range, popular on the basketball court, skating in the park or even for extra support during your workout at the gym. Take a look and find your perfect fit.

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High tops

Styling yourself up for the street isn’t at all difficult – consider that taken care of by adidas. Our various ranges of products are here to help you continue your A-game on the streets. If going into a basketball game and coming out a champion is your motto, then providing you with comfort and the ability to focus on your game is ours. The adidas range of high top shoes gives you a stylish look suitable for the court or the streets, while the breathable material promises long-time comfort. These high top sneakers were specifically designed with a practical approach, and feature ankle support which helps you stabilise yourself upon landing while shooting hoops. The soft and comfortable inner design and lightweight construction make them a perfect fit, while the boosted energy return that these shoes offer will up your dynamic in various ball games. A featherweight feel enables you to move swiftly around the court and get the edge over your opponents. The high top shoe range from adidas also offers skateboarding shoes which provide you with support for all those spectacular tricks, helping you stun spectators and push you up on the leader board.

The right high top shoes

adidas offers an amazingly wide range of high top shoes which go well with your lifestyle and amalgamate with your style seamlessly. Whether you’re a kid, teen or adult, man or woman, adidas has a high top collection for all. You can also make a selection on the basis of your sport. Go for lightweight shoes for boxing, advance rubber grip for outdoor games like football, Boost® cushioning for running, and rounded ankle support for skating. You even get half-sized shoes which make for a perfect fit and solid grip. Different colours and designs make it easy to choose the high top shoes that can blend in with your overall look. Choose black or white for a classic look or give your style a modern twist with a bold shade like green, red, pink or yellow. Be it for the streets or any sport, high top sneakers from adidas provide the ultimate comfort and make you a frontrunner in terms of style.

Shoot hoops or show off your street style in adidas high tops designed for life and sports alike. Born for the basketball court, high top shoes have become a staple of modern style, featuring soft comfortable designs and stable ankle supports for the perfect blend of practicality and comfort.

High top design

High top shoes come in a range of styles and colours for every aspect of life. Our complete lifestyle range offers comfort and street style whilst providing exceptional ankle support. adidas basketball shoes offer responsive Boost cushioning that delivers energy returns with every step and traction and support for dynamic ball plays. Outdoor high top shoes provide advanced rubber grip for tough trails with high ankle supports, and Gore-Tex materials keeping your feet secure and dry. Training shoes include lightweight boxing shoes for fast explosive movements and a firm stable platform to strike from as well as high support shoes for your gym workout. Skateboarding shoes with a sock-like high finish provide rounded ankle support for every flip trick. However you play, whatever your game, there’s a style of adidas shoe for you here.

Choosing high Life style

Choose between men’s, women’s and children’s high tops in a full range of sizes from 1 to 19 and kids sizes from 3k to 13.5k. Half sizes ensure you can get a perfect fit every time. Choose your sport or your look in a range of colours including everything from classic black and whites with the adidas 3-Stripes to modern graphic patterns in yellows, reds, greens and pinks.

Own the court and beat the street with adidas high tops there to support you through every step of every day.