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Wrap yourself up in adidas blue scarves – the perfect accessory for your workout

Especially when the weather grows colder, you need all the support you can get to stay warm from head to toe. adidas has a range of blue scarves that provide warmth during an outdoor run or on the way to the gym while also serving as a cool accessory to your style. The colour blue adds an extra touch to your outfit and goes with most things you have in your wardrobe already. When it’s time to bundle up, do so in style and enjoy the little extras our scarves come with for ultimate comfort and snugness.

Staying warm and dry is easy with our blue-coloured loops

Our blue scarves combine a sleek look with your athletic needs and can keep you warm without letting you break out into a sweat. Regardless of how chilly the wind howls, getting all sweaty around your neck during a run is not a nice feeling – and it can cause a cold when an icy breeze catches you. While any normal knitted scarf might not be able to provide a solution for this dilemma, our blue scarves are made of lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that neither wears you down nor allows sweat to gather on your skin. The polyester double-knit fabric keeps you warm at all times, which makes it the perfect companion for the transitional and cold seasons.

Adjust your scarf to your needs

Choose which of our blue scarves works best for you and your sporting endeavours. Our loops include a bungee-adjustable hem that allows you to regulate heat and tie the scarf tightly around your neck on cold days or enjoy a casual fit as a fashionable statement. Subtle yet visible, you’ll also find the adidas logo printed on our loops, with reflective material for added security when going for a run at night. Extra insulation keeps the warmth inside and protects you from cold winds and dropping temperatures.

Blue scarves for cosy expression during every workout

When the temperature drops, don’t compromise your training schedule. Reach for adidas blue scarves to protect, accessorise and keep active all year round. Choose from top quality acrylic knits, cottons or polyester fleeces in a selection of styles that range from the traditional wrap-around to neck buffs and snoods. Whether supporting your favourite sports team or brandishing the iconic 3-Stripes logo, your blue scarf creates layers of warmth that can be adjusted to your surroundings. An excellent seasonal accessory regardless of outfit, adidas scarves add a touch of style to a winter wardrobe as much as they assist with chilly training days.