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Blue Belts


Our blue belts apply exciting innovations to a classic theme

Belt is to trousers like sock is to trainers, and among the various essential accessories adidas offers are handsome navy blue belts that would be the perfect complement to your chinos and jeans as well as the casual shorts you wear in summer. A polyurethane-and-cotton blend is the material used to create the sleek, tight braids of this model, which stretches comfortably about the waist for a snug fit. Because it’s braided, you won’t even need to bore additional holes to make it fit just right. Other blue belts include a beautiful designer model specifically targeted at athletes and people who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Nature lovers and athletes will love our blue belt

Those who enjoy the great outdoors can find excellent ways to use the blue belt we’ve created for nature lovers and the athlete in you. An extended walk around the park or across town is a simple example, but there are other activities like jogging, running and hiking where the convenience of owning a streamlined, reflective belt that also stores and protects your mobile and car keys cannot be underestimated. The braided blue belt is also a smart look for outdoor activities like the backyard holiday barbeque, a weekend meal at your parents’ house or a family night out to enjoy a movie.

Class and convenience characterise the adidas blue belt

The square buckle on our braided belt has a nickel finish and synthetic leather highlights that give it a smooth sophistication. You can even lend it to your favourite blue suit for work or other formal occasions. Alternatively, the slim-line adidas blue belt combines synthetic materials with a contemporary clasp for a properly casual look that won’t be distracting when you’re doing the shopping or running a few errands around town. Combine with a sweatshirt, tracksuit top or jacket for comfortable, elegant and classic style.