AG football boots

Artificial Grass is hotter and more abrasive than natural grass. To compensate, the AG outsole has more studs, as there is less ground penetration possible. In addition to a better distribution of weight and pressure on the foot, this also ensures optimal grip on this long-bladed synthetic surface.

Find your balance with adidas AG football boots

Having shoes that fit the surface you're playing on can make all the difference when it comes to playing at your best. When you feel steady on your feet and able to move quickly and comfortably, you can play with more confidence and focus on the details. Compared to natural grass, artificial grass tends to heat up more and create more abrasion; this makes it more difficult for traditional football boots to find a good grip. Our AG football boots utilise shorter conical studs to grip onto AG surfaces, providing both mobility and stability while you play.

Be ready for anything with artificial grass football shoes

When you're looking for AG football boots, you might be focused more on making sure you get the right outsole, but our options make sure to optimise the uppers as well. Designed to suit your requirements, you'll find artificial grass football shoes with different sections of the upper sculpted for different types of ball contact. Snug collars keep you locked in and steady on your feet as you chase down the ball or weave your way up the field.

Play with your own style

Our football shoes come in different styles and materials to suit every player, from sleek and classic to bold and daring. Whatever style you choose, you can keep your new football shoes clean and in good condition by following a regular cleaning routine. A soft washcloth and some detergent can help clean any stains on the upper. If you choose options with a leather upper, you can keep them fresh with a small amount of leather cleaner and polish.