Multi ground football boots

Multi Ground boots feature multiple studs, and are designed to generate grip on various generations of artificial grass pitches, both short and long-bladed. Compared to the MG outsole, the AG outsole has more studs to better distribute pressure on harder artificial ground pitches.

Sure-footed confidence in multi ground football boots

Enjoy the versatility of multi ground football boots and an all-in-one solution to varying pitch conditions. They're designed to be worn on different surfaces without having to change studs or boots. Their outsoles are suitable for turf and artificial grass surfaces. They have advanced uppers made with a unique material that's soft and supple while providing robust protection for your feet. They're also super light, so they'll feel like they're part of your feet, giving you the confidence and dexterity to be more ambitious in your game.

Multi-surface football boots to keep you ahead of the game

It's the highly engineered detailing that makes the difference with our multi-surface football boots. Leather models have soft front areas to help absorb impact, for improved ball control.  Some models are made with our zoned uppers that have ribbed areas, to promote sure ball contact. Slanted laces create a larger sweet spot on the insole, for more accurate striking of the ball. They have stretchy collars that wrap around the ankle area and provide cushioned support. Our multi ground football boots have firm lace closures combined with a snug sock-like fit, for the ideal combination of lightweight and durable protection.

Getting the most out of your football boots

You can mix or match our multi ground football boots to your heart's content, whether you like to coordinate your boots with your kit or prefer flashy contrasting colours. They're all boldly emblazoned with the famous adidas 3-Stripes, in either classic style or with modern designs. You can choose a mid-cut collar if you want more ankle protection, and you'll get plenty of wear from our TPU multi ground outsoles.