Astro turf football Boots & Shoes

Turf is an unforgiving surface when using the wrong boot. It demands a robust construction, and a rubber outsole with multiple smaller lugs and studs, to increase friction and generate grip and control in all directions.

Take to the pitch in style with adidas AstroTurf trainers

When you’re choosing football footwear, it’s essential to consider the kind of surface you’ll be mostly playing on– you may even want to have a selection of different boots. AstroTurf football boots are designed specifically for playing on surfaces with sand-filled artificial grass (as opposed to artificial surfaces made of 3G or other technologies). Instead of having studs like football boots designed for real grass, AstroTurf trainers and boots have rubber outsoles with specific tread patterns designed for the surface. This is essential because conventional boots will not deliver the level of grip required and may damage the pitch surface.

Choose from stylish AstroTurf football boots

While the surface may be slightly different from outdoor grass pitches, the same great styles and features can be found in AstroTurf trainers as in their real grass counterparts. Choose from the ranges you know and love like Predator and Copa, as well as the laceless flair and sleek aerodynamics of our X football boots. You can also choose from a range of colours including blue, green, black, purple, yellow and gold.

It's important to stress that normal football boots should never be worn on an AstroTurf surface because the hard studs will damage the surface. Many pitches have rules prohibiting the use of such footwear. AstroTurf boots are also not optimised for wearing on 3G and 4G artificial grass pitches and vice versa, so make sure you check what type of surface your club or league is playing on.

Show your real skill on artificial grass

Aside from having the correct outsole for the pitch you play on, adidas’ AstroTurf football boots have many features to enhance your match and training performance. Sweat-wicking materials help your feet stay dry and comfortable on the hottest days, laceless constructions make it easy to slip boots on and off as needed, lightweight designs help you keep up the pace, and extra cushioning ensures that you are focused on the game for the full 90 minutes. Choose from AstroTurf trainers that are designed for pros, semi-pros, and intermediate players based on your skill level. If you’re concerned for the environment, you can even choose boots that are made from entirely sustainable materials.

adidas are renowned for making some of the best football footwear and football jerseys on the planet, as worn in some of the biggest stadiums and on parks and pitches globally. That same pedigree can be found in our AstroTurf trainers – essential if you're playing on AstroTurf or similar artificial grass surfaces.

Astro turf football Boots & Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Conventional football boots should never be worn on AstroTurf or other artificial pitches, as they may damage the surface and won't offer enough grip.
Specialist AstroTurf boots like those offered by adidas should be worn on AstroTurf pitches. This is essential, and boots made for other artificial surfaces may not be suitable.
AstroTurf boots have tread patterns that are specially designed for the artificial surface so they give you the stability and manoeuvrability you need on the pitch.