Kids Artificial Grass Football Boots


Artificial Grass Football Boots for children and juniors

Champions aren’t born – they’re made. For a young footballer, each day in their development is of the utmost importance, and this is what inspired this selection of kids astro boots. As astro and artificial grass become more popular for both training and matches, it’s vital that players are equipped with boots designed specifically for these surfaces and to support them as they become the best footballer they can be. These kids astro boots offer comfort, durability and support to all players, but the wide extent of the range also means you can match the footwear to the player. Whether they specialise in pace, control or skill, young players can find their perfect pair here with adidas.

With the best boots, anything is possible

A young footballer can only achieve their full potential when they’re not held back, which is why these kids astro boots have been designed using an arsenal of innovation from adidas’ proud sportswear heritage. Lightweight mesh and synthetic uppers allow for support, comfort and total freedom on the football pitch, while the durable outsoles are designed to offer full traction on artificial surfaces. Sleek designs and bold colourways mean even young players can emulate their heroes and express themselves as they step out to play.

Made for future champions

Despite being made for talented youths, this selection of football boots caters to every type of player. A speed demon that’s able to tear open defences? X is for you. A player that dominates the game with absolute control? Welcome to the Predator family. Have they got the skills and ability to leave their opponent in a twist? Nemeziz awaits. Because champions know the value of every day, a young player simply has no time to waste in developing their game and perfecting their craft. With the adidas selection of kids astro boots, greatness is on the horizon.