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Jackets for Women


Rain or shine, at training or at rest, adidas jackets for women will keep you warm and dry when you need it most. Choose from countless designs and styles suited to the full spectrum of activities and weathers.

Essentials Midweight Down Hooded Jacket
Five Ten Bike All-Mountain Rain Jacket
Terrex Multi Wind Jacket
Terrex MYSHELTER PrimaLoft Hooded Padded Jacket
Terrex Techrock Primaloft Insulated Padded Hooded Jacket
Essentials Light Down Jacket (Plus Size)
Terrex Techrock Gore-Tex Pro Jacket
Terrex Tech Flooce Light Hooded Hiking Jacket
Techrock Light GORE-TEX Jacket
Back To Sport WIND.RDY Anorak
Itavic 3-Stripes Light Hooded Jacket
Essentials Midweight Down Hooded Jacket
Terrex Techrock Primaloft Insulated Padded Hooded Jacket
Terrex Agravic 2.5-Layer Rain Jacket
Techrock Three-in-One Wind Hooded Jacket
Terrex Multi Primegreen Hybrid Insulated Jacket
Techrock Three-in-One Wind Hooded Jacket
Terrex MYSHELTER Down Hooded Jacket
Terrex Utilitas Rain Jacket
Terrex Techrock Primaloft Jacket
Terrex MYSHELTER PrimaLoft Parley Padded Jacket
Terrex Multi Primegreen Hybrid Insulated Jacket
Terrex MYSHELTER PrimaLoft Hooded Padded Jacket
Utilitas Hooded Parka
Germany Winter Jacket
Techrock Year-Round Down Hooded Jacket
Helionic Down Jacket
Terrex Primaloft Hybrid Insulation Vest
Essentials Light Down Vest
Own the Run Hooded Windbreaker
Own the Run Hooded Running Windbreaker
Primeblue SST Track Top
Denim Jacket
Terrex Multi RAIN.RDY Primegreen Two-Layer Rain Jacket
Adicolor Classics High-Shine Track Top
Primeblue SST Track Top
Always Original Faux Leather Track Top
AEROREADY Logo Running Windbreaker
Marathon 3-Stripes Jacket
adidas by Stella McCartney TruePurpose Training Midlayer
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Women’s jackets

Get ready for the unknown. adidas women’s jackets can handle anything the weather throws at them without compromising on style. With the latest technologies working alongside intuitive designs, you will stay looking and feeling great even when you’re climbing, hiking, running, or caught in a torrential downpour.

Browse the extensive range of winter jackets, coats, parkas, rain jackets, transitional jackets and windbreakers today. Stay warm, dry and comfortable whenever you take on the elements in an adidas ladies’ jacket.

Advanced technology teamed with outstanding design

Lock out the elements in high-performance designs that can handle wind, rain and cold.

The adidas women’s jackets range is a standout with full-blown practicality combined with stunning designs. All the looks with all the features that deliver a distraction-free style, which you would not hesitate to take with you to run errands in town in all weather conditions, or simply to connect with nature.

Ladies’ jackets powered by RAIN.RDY technology takes on the wet with a performance membrane that channels rain away from your body, and when combined with GORE-TEX, it takes water proofing to new heights. The streamlined and unfussy designs are packed with useful features like reflective detailing, multiple pockets and cuts designed for a full range of movement in all types of weather.

For winter jackets, consider COLD.RDY technology in jackets created using performance fabrics that seal in the warmth when the mercury drops. Jackets for women built from water-repellent and breathable fabrics trap air between layers whilst allowing sweat to pass through to minimise heat during intense activity. Strategically placed ventilation panels absorb and evaporate moisture to keep you comfortable when you are exercising and warm when you come to a standstill. If you’re heading for the slopes, do it in style in lightweight jackets that are intuitively designed and made with recycled Primaloft insulation that works beautifully with a ski helmet.

WIND.RDY technology in adidas women’s jackets protects you from gales and gusts with Windweave performance fabric. The fabric’s dense weave blocks the wind, remaining breathable to prevent condensation while the water-repellent finish works to keep you dry. Fabric innovations also include the use of fleece, but the fibres are constructed in loops so that it doesn’t shed like traditional fleece.

If you live for the outdoors, the weather is a major part of the experience. But with adidas’ jackets for women, you can choose functional, stylish women’s clothing with the technology to keep you comfortable in the city and beyond.

Sustainable protection

Choose a sustainable style with a ladies’ jacket created from recycled nylon and polyester. adidas has developed processes to recycle content generated from production waste to avoid the larger environmental impact of producing virgin content. You can now enjoy your new jacket for women and contribute to ending plastic waste.

How to measure a woman’s jacket?

To measure yourself for a ladies’ jacket, you need to measure your:

  • Bust – around the fullest part
  • Waist – around the narrowest part
  • Sleeve length – from where the sleeve begins at the shoulder to the length you would like, and
  • Shoulders – across your back.

Once you have these measurements, you should be able to work out the size you need by consulting the size chart of the label you are buying from. Depending on the fit you would like, and where you are buying your jacket, you may want to know your ‘jacket bust size’. This is usually done by adding 4 inches to your bust size.

For adidas jackets, you will need to check the adidas sizing chart to determine your size before choosing the perfect jacket.

How should a woman’s jacket fit?

This depends on your own style and the look you want to achieve – but there are some basic rules. You should be able to do your jacket up – this is worth thinking about if you are going to wear several layers underneath your jacket. The sleeves should not be too short, and the jacket should not feel too tight across your shoulders.

How to wear a jacket with women’s jeans?

A cropped jacket is a classic look with jeans. If you are buying outerwear, a bold coloured jacket looks great with jeans for weekend walks. Always take a note of the length of the jacket you're buying so you can work out where it will end on your leg and whether the look will work on your body shape.

The adidas women’s jackets range showcases new technologies united with impactful design to keep its customers warm and dry in increasingly demanding weather conditions. Intuitive designs ensure that outdoor wear looks good while retaining all the practical features the weather demands. A focus on sustainability continues to make an impact across the ladies’ jackets range with industry-changing processes and commitments.