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Synthetic turf men's trainers

Turf is an unforgiving surface when using the wrong boot. It demands a robust construction, and a rubber outsole with multiple smaller lugs and studs, to increase friction and generate grip and control in all directions.
Predator Edge.3 Laceless Turf Boots
Predator Edge.3 Turf Boots
Predator Mutator 20.3 Laceless Turf Boots
Predator Mutator 20.3 Low Turf Boots
X Speedportal.3 Laceless Turf Boots
X Speedportal.3 Turf Boots
Copa Sense.3 Laceless Turf Boots
Copa Sense.3 Turf Boots
X Ghosted.3 Turf Boots
X Speedflow.4 Turf Boots
Gamemode Turf Boots
Predator Edge.3 Laceless Turf Boots
Kaiser 5 Team Boots
Nemeziz .3 Turf Boots
X Speedflow.3 Laceless Turf Boots
Predator Edge.1 Turf Boots

Stay on your feet with synthetic turf men's trainers

With shorter fibres, turf surfaces can leave you feeling unstable and wrong-footed if you aren't wearing the right boots. Our synthetic turf men's trainers are designed with a rubber-lugged outsole engineered for turf surfaces. With the right outsole, you can get the grip you need to move with speed and agility up and down the field. Be prepared to mix up your playing surface, with boots built for short turf.

Comfort and reliability with men's turf football boots

When you’re out on the field, you want to be at your best from start to finish. Our men's turf football boots have cushioned midsoles to provide durable comfort, so you can stay at your best. Some options include foam pads on either side of the soft leather upper, to absorb the impact of the ball and help give you better control. Sock-like construction from toe to heel gives you a supportive, comfortable fit that moulds to your feet, so you can play distraction-free. Stay in control with our synthetic turf men's trainers, designed to keep you moving confidently.

Keep your shoes as fresh as your game

When you're giving it your all out on the field, you shouldn’t have to worry about keeping your boots in tip-top condition. Instead, you can feel confident knowing that you can put your new shoes through their paces and keep them looking fresh with a few easy steps. Knocking the shoes together at the soles will remove a lot of the dirt, and a soft brush like an old toothbrush can be used to brush away any specks on the uppers. A damp washcloth with a small amount of mild detergent can help clean stains, and if you choose an option with shoelaces, you can simply put them in the washing machine in a laundry bag.