Tennis caps

Choose from a wide range of adidas tennis caps, all designed with lightweight absorbent fabrics that are comfortable, with trendy designs that ensure you step onto the court in confidence.

Tennis caps to top off your look

Hit with precision on every stroke when things get heated on the court. Wearing your selected adidas tennis cap to every game means you can play with peace of mind that the elements will not come between you and victory. Some of the technologies that allow us confidence in this collection of caps are the AREOREADY moisture absorbent fabrics and inner sweatbands that act as a barrier for all moister while you play. Plus, the lightweight breathable fabrics make tennis headwear from adidas feel almost invisible with ultimate comfort so your focus is uninterrupted.

Tennis head wear is a must-have accessory

Not only does the adidas tennis cap collection serve as your personal expression of style, with the many different designs, prints and colours, but they also provide much-needed protection from the sun. You will be able to pick from the classic laid back dad and baseball cap look to the bolder panelled printed caps, with many styles in between. Never miss a shot because of glare from the sun when you pick a pre-curved brim. Lightweight fabrics with a UV 50 factor further ensure maximum protection from the suns rays.

Caps you can trust

Comfort and a good fit are key when it comes to the high-intensity fast-paced game of tennis. adidas tennis caps come in a variety of styles for the perfect fit. With one size fits all caps, tie-able headbands or adjustable straps you can play without having to worry about your headwear while in the heat of your game. Step off the court a winner and get ready for your next match with the easy to clean process incorporated into every piece of adidas tennis gear. A quick cold wash on a delicate cycle is all you need to do between games, allowing you time to focus on your backhand.