Reflective Coats & Other Clothing

Clothes with reflective features are a must-have for anyone who loves exercising outdoors in low-light conditions. With adidas reflecting clothing, you'll stand out in the darkness as you cross roads and head down narrow trails. From long-line coats to lightweight tank tops, you can stay seen in all weather conditions. We have reflective clothing items for men, women and kids, so you can make your early morning run a family affair. Many of our jackets, tracksuit bottoms and leggings also include zip pockets so you can keep your keys and other essentials safe and accessible while you're on the go. Whether you're a runner, a cyclist, or you just want a little extra visibility on your early morning commute, our reflective clothing range has all the pieces you need.
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Ever-evolving range of reflective coats & other clothing

At adidas, our main focus is offering only the best reflective clothing online. Style, comfort and safety - reflective clothing keeps you safe, which no one would deny or compromise. adidas offers unique reflective coats & other clothing options for both men and women. Our products vary from cosy, casual gear ideal for wandering in the countryside to high-performance running and cycling jackets crafted to withstand the harshness of the race.

Reflective coats & other clothing made for you

The reflective vests help to make sure hat drivers can see you easily on the road and are useful for avoiding a collision. When you wear normal sportswear, you will be harder to see, especially during night time The brightness of headlights bounces off the reflective material and keeps you securely in view. The large reflective surface on our sportswear means that adidas reflective clothing will always keep you visible to drivers. Reflective coats can keep you safe as well as dry no matter whether you are biking on a busy road during rush hour, walking your pet at sunset or taking an early-morning jog.

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When you are selecting reflective coats and other clothing from adidas, you can get both inspiring low visibility gear and also get a comfortable slice of sportswear that matches your active lifestyle in one. Sweat-wicking fabric with mesh linings, water-resistant shells and lightweight crushable fabrics offer all the properties you require for outdoor movement in any season. Moreover, reflective jackets are made with recycled polyester and come with a carry pouch that allows you to layer up whenever you require, while reflective windbreakers keep the breeze at bay. Some athletes will not be a great fan of reflective coats, however, the important thing is that it works. The adidas reflective collection lets you make the best fashion statement. Each of the reflective coats and other items of clothing are designed using high-quality accessories and materials that you cannot avoid wearing at night time or in the evening hours. Search our best collection and choose reflective clothing that caters to your needs.