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Mens small shorts


Men’s small shorts strike the perfect recreational balance

Our men’s small shorts are designed to strike the perfect balance between sporty active wear and dynamic workout gear, which makes them an ideal choice for your wardrobe. Among the models in our collection are regular fit knee-length models that resemble a professional footie kit with matching side pockets and waistbands that offer an adjustable drawcord for customised comfort. Constructed of pure recycled polyester double weave, our products offer reliable durability and degrees of flexibility, which can give you an advantage while working out and enhance your appearance while stepping out.

Shorts for small men offer tremendous utility and performance

One of the great attributes of our shorts for small men is their tremendous versatility, or simply put: you can wear them to all sorts of places. As athletic wear, they can be among your essential everyday workout gear for the gym but can also perform duties as capable running shorts or active attire for weekend trips to the basketball or tennis courts. During the warm weather months, you can wear them while chilling out at home or if heading out to the park for some fun and games, and they are always great when out for a walk with pets or friends.

adidas men’s small shorts: create the look you want

We have made our adidas men’s small shorts affordable because we believe that all men, regardless of shape and size, deserve high-quality, attractive athleisure wear that won’t let them down while they live their busy lives. Available in exciting colours such as tech indigo and legend ink, our pieces can easily find a place among your favourite year-round or seasonal exercise and leisure wear. You can also find a sizeable selection of sizzling tees in assorted colours, terrific trainers and ample accessories like socks and headwear at our online store to create just the look you want.