Basketball Clothes

Get your entire wardrobe of basketball clothing plus all kinds of related training gear and casual wear. Enjoy modern fabrics that keep you cool and fresh on the court, with minimum maintenance.
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Trendy basketball clothing that anyone can wear

Basketball clothing isn't only for regular players. Their baggy cuts and styles have made their way into popular fashion, particularly as sharp streetwear. We cater for both needs so that you can always find the bit of kit you want, whether you play the sport or not. Our playing gear contains the most advanced adidas fabrics and material engineering to give you unencumbered movement. They all help keep you fresh and dry, thanks to a sweat-wicking blend of polyester double-knit and polyester mesh.

Versatile, reversible basketball clothes offer great value

When you buy our on-court basketball clothes like tops and shorts, you'll get extra value out of their reversible feature. The tops have a modern close-cut fit to help protect against the effects of tugging and to give you a maximum range of movement. Our basketball pants have the same materials, with double-width elasticised waists with drawcords to ensure a secure fit. To complete the basketball clothing for your practice needs, you can also pick up track pants and tops for warming up or general fitness activities.

Low-maintenance and easy to look after

Our basketball clothing has also been designed to be efficient, functional apparel that you don't have to spend much time looking after. You merely need to put them in a cold machine wash with like colours on a regular cycle. You can tumble dry them on low heat, if you like. Don't use any fabric softener, and make sure you remove your items immediately once they're washed. For superficial marks on tracksuits, you can often wipe them off with a damp cloth, thanks to their grime-resistant polyester knit.