Women's Basketball Shorts

Our women's basketball shorts are tailor-made for any level of the game you play. You'll appreciate their lightweight and breathable fabrics that use sweat-wicking construction to help keep you cool and dry.

Display your flair, in our women's basketball shorts

You can take your pick from our women's basketball shorts collection, where you'll find a variety of game-ready shorts. You can wear them for on-court practice and fitness training too, so versatility is a stand-out feature. Have yours in a traditional shorts fashion or in knee-length basketball styles. They come in eye-catching and colourful designs, some of which offer the extra benefit of being reversible. No matter what level you play at – or even if you don't play at all and just think they make cool shorts – you will find something to suit your taste with us.

Basketball shorts for women, with pro-level tech

You don't need to be a professional player to enjoy professional gear. Our basketball shorts for women have the same lightweight materials as those we make for professional teams and include the same technological benefits. They're made from a polyester double-knit jersey with a rip-stop construction that creates toughness. This is mixed with a polyester mesh that allows the shorts to breathe and sweat-wicking properties to quickly get rid of perspiration. The result is enhanced comfort and less heat build-up when you're playing in our women's basketball shorts.

Low-maintenance shorts for more playing time

Our women's basketball shorts are as easy to take care of as they are comfortable to wear. The modern fabrics are dirt-resistant and thus only need minimum maintenance. All you'll need to do is put them in a cold machine wash using a mild detergent and that's it. You can give them a quick cool iron if you like, but it won't really be necessary. You won't need any fabric softener either.