Lightweight Trainers

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Lightweight trainers

There’s plenty of choice to suit your whole family’s every activity in our Lightweight Trainers collection. When you browse through our pages of adidas lightweight trainers, you’ll find they contain a huge choice of styles, fabrics, sizes and functions. Although our classic adidas branding is instantly recognizable, our range of lightweight trainers has been designed to allow for the individual in you. Children and adults alike are offered a great selection of lightweight footwear that will appeal to each and every taste and sporting need.

Impact and functionality

Lightweight trainers come with a wide range of different functions to suit all situations and needs. Fastening options include an easy hook and lock system along with traditional laces. Deep or low soles suit different sporting needs, and the addition of studs and extra grip gives better performance on the pitch, track, hill or mountainside. Today’s active lifestyle means you’re constantly on the go, and your feet can really feel punished at the end of your day. Adults and kids alike can benefit from adidas lightweight trainers. Whether you’re working out, travelling, in school or at work, choosing lightweight trainers can help to reduce the impact on your feet.

For active life

It’s not only runners who’ll find their performance can benefit from the use of lightweight trainers. There are countless other sports and activities in which your results can be enhanced by choosing the right footwear. The collection includes lightweight trainers suitable for joggers, sprint runners, basketball players, hikers and more. Wet and dry activities, hard and soft surfaces – they’re all catered for. And sports aside, travelling can be a tiring business. Lightweight trainers can go some way to make that journey a more comfortable one, making it easier to transport your sports gear and other essential equipment for your active life.