Whether you're going running or relaxing with a boxset, adidas joggers and indoor pants offer a comfortable fit coupled with stylish designs. Choose from a wide range of colours, with iconic 3-stripes and adidas trefoil detailing.
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Sweatpants to suit your lifestyle

Whether you’re looking for comfortable sweatpants to wear around the house or joggers to head to the gym in, adidas has a wide range to complement your lifestyle. Sweatpants have been around for almost a century, and they remain a symbol of both comfort and active lifestyles. adidas meanwhile has become one of the world’s leading providers of sweatpants, offering countless different designs, colours and sizes for everyone, featuring sweat-wicking and breathable fabrics for extra comfort.

Lightweight polyester designs with elastic cuffs are perfect for a laid-back sports style, while cotton and polyester fleece fabrics provide a warm solution for all your sporting activities. All adidas sweatpants are made with consideration for the planet and the people who buy them, utilising sustainable cotton production and recycled plastic materials.

adidas sweat pants for all occasions

One of the joys of sweat pants is that they’re so versatile – one moment you could be going for your morning run, and the next relaxing in front of the television. Choose from thick sweat pants that are perfect for chilling out on a cold autumn day, lightweight sports joggers that are designed to help you move to your full potential, hip street-style joggers that will turn heads and much more. adidas sweat pants are made from hard-wearing comfortable fabrics such as soft cottons and silk polyesters, delivering durability and ease in equal measure.

Regular fit sweat pants offer a balance between loose and snug for everyday sporting activities. Fitted sweat pants are designed to be moved in, while relaxed fit sweat pants are loose and ideal for relaxing in. Slim fit sweat pants offer a form-flattering yet aerodynamic style that is snug on the hips and thighs, while tapered fits are best for activities that require precise and agile movements. If you’re into board sports such as skateboarding, check out our range of drop-crotch joggers that offer the space and movement to land even the gnarliest of tricks.

Relax into you

adidas sweatpants and sports joggers are available in a huge range of sizes, colours and styles for men, women and children. Colours available include classic black, striking white and cool blue, as well as grey, pink, green, red, purple and orange. Choose from plain designs, stylish sweatpants with the distinctive adidas 3-Stripes and Trefoil motifs, patterned and camouflage-style joggers and much more. You can also find adidas sweatpants that are designed for specific sports and their unique intricacies, as well as multi-pocketed street-style joggers that are perfect for everyday wear.

From adicolor Classics featuring the iconic 3-Stripes and Trefoil design to the slick laid-back street sports style of Primeblue Relaxed Wide Leg Joggers, adidas is at the forefront of joggers and sweatpants style. Benefit from decades of experience in creating sweatpants that are as comfortable as they are easy to move in.

Sweatpants Frequently Asked Questions

Sweatpants are often used synonymously with joggers, but they can be made of slightly thicker and warmer fabric. Sweatpants are soft, loose-fitting trousers designed for comfort and easy movement.
Sweatpants are usually made from fleece that may be made from polyester, cotton or a mix of the two. It is naturally soft to the touch and comfortable to wear in a variety of situations.
Sweatpants are considered very casual wear and are often worn as a comfortable option on the street, and when out and about while doing sports or lounging around at home.