3/4 Joggers


3/4 joggers from adidas

Discover total comfort with a pair of 3/4 joggers from adidas. Perfect for a gym workout, exercise class or just day-to-day wear, our 3/4 length joggers will fit effortlessly in to your varied lifestyle. With a range designed for both men and women, adidas 3/4 joggers ensure your legs will be comfortable as you go about your day. Made with smooth fabric and an elasticated waist, these designs are soft and flexible enough to wear all day long. Stay stylish with a pair that feature a tapered leg and opt for pre-shaped knees that provide a flattering contoured fit. With a regular fit, enjoy an easy and natural range of movement through every workout. These joggers are completely versatile too, and can be worn with any casual top long after your workout has finished.

All-weather leg protection

With a pair of adidas 3/4 joggers, you can expect full leg protection from all the elements. Thanks to the length, these joggers will keep your legs warm in cold conditions, and they'll keep your skin protected from the elements, and especially sunburn, too. If you’re out in the wilds, your joggers will be a barrier against mosquitoes in muggy weather, protecting against nasty bites. In long grass, they'll help to prevent spiders and ticks clinging to your legs and protect you from those thorny bushes too.

Burn calories with 3/4 joggers

Not only are a ¾ length jogger practical, these clever designs actually help you during exercise as well. As joggers increase your body heat, you'll get hot and sweat more when you work out. Our 3/4 joggers wick away moisture during exercise too, with special technology that's ideal for warmer weather. And because you burn extra calories when your body cools down during perspiration, the extra heat caused by 3/4 jogging bottoms will help you to optimise any weight loss workout. In addition, by keeping your muscles warmed up, wearing jogger pants can help you avoid injuries during your work outs too.